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SP17, 91028 Partanna

Trapani, Italy


Glass bottles and aluminium cans of extra virgin olive oil of PDO Sicialian cultivar Nocellara del Belice


Olives cold extracted through mechanical processes only from certified infrastructure

Olearia Ruisi




Olearia Ruisi was founded in 2009 on the land handed down from generation to generation by Ruisi family and located in a district of Partanna, a small town in the province of Trapani. For several years the company is working with great professionalism and attention in the agro-food segment of the production of extra virgin olive oil, helping to bring prestige to the well known PDO cultivar Nocellara del Belice. 



Valle del Belice

Belice Valley is located in the western part of Sicily and it includes the portion of territory  in the provinces of Agrigento, Palermo e Trapani enclosed between the two branches of river Belice. 

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